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November 20, 2012 Minutes

Central City Neighborhood Association Minutes of Meeting
Tuesday November 20, 2012 6:00 PM
Birmingham Public Library – Arrington Auditorium – 4th Floor

1. Call to Order at 6:04 p.m.
Adoption of November 20, 2012 Agenda
Mtn to approve by Mike Perez; by Doug; approved w/o objection
Approval of October 16, 2012 Minutes
Mtn to approve by Lisa Perez; 2nd by Mike Dunnavant; approved w/o objection

2. Open Reports
Police; Officer Easter and Officer Buchanan.
Fire; No one present
CAP; no one present
Public Works; no one present

3. MLK Unity Breakfast – CCNA Table – $200.00/8 tickets
January 21, 2013 7:30am BJCC North Hall
Mtn to approve purchase of table by Doug Tilt; 2nd by Peggy Harrell; 20 yeas; 0 nays; 0 abstentions

4. Liquor License Requests
Krewe on First [2215 1st AVE N, Birmingham, AL 35203], Ian Willicott
Is currently known as Wined Down in Hoover. Looking to move to downtown B’ham.
Hours expected to be from 11 a.m. to Midnight or 1 a.m.
Feels that he will add add’l traffic instead of pulling from existing businesses.
Not a full kitchen. Will do live music – blues & Jazz – not loud.
Type license, lounge/retail; Agreed to sign GNA
Vote to approve: 19 yeas; 1 nays; 5 abstentions

The Vault [1920 3rd AVE N, Birmingham AL 35203], Comelia Williams and Danny Carr
Thurs – Sun plus special events. Will feature live music.
Dr Taylor, owner of Kessler Lofts (next door) gave his approval pending signature of GNA plus add’l agreement developed during discussions with owners.
Motion to approve pending signature of GNA: 23 yeas; 1 nays; 3 abstentions

5. Golf Carts on Morris and 1st Avenue N — Update
President Pilkerton reported on recent efforts by Bobby Lindsey to police his employees regarding parking of trucks and operation of golf carts on both the streets and the sidewalks. Mr. Lindsey has indicated on-going willingness to improve employee compliance.

6. Updates
Birmingham Landmarks is submitting a grant proposal to EPA. Pres. Pilkerton sent support letter on behalf of CCNA
Urban Impact will be having tree lighting at 5 at Kelly Ingram Park on Dec. 4th
Mayor is having COB tree lighting and parade at 4:30 pm on Dec. 4th
No meeting of CCNA in December

7. Mtn to adjourn by Lisa Perez; 2nd by Mike Dunnavant. Adjourn at 7:10 p.m.

/s/Patrick J. Ballard
Secretary, Central City Neighborhood Association


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