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February 19, 2013 Minutes

Central City Neighborhood Association
Tuesday February 19, 2013 6:00 P.M.
Linn-Henley Library – Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium 4th Floor
Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order: 6:05pm
Adoption of Agenda: Motion by Jay McKenny; 2nd Mitch Harrison
Approval of 1.15.2013 Minutes: Motion by Mitch Harrison; 2nd Chuck Strahan

2. Open Reports
 Public Works: Anthony Henry of Public works. Homeless encampment at 26th street and 3rd needs to be cleaned up.
 Councilor Jonathan Austin: A 73 million dollar Bond issue was voted down. Nine million dollars was for street paving.
o Aye votes: Austin, Roberson, Abbot, & Rafferty.
o Nay votes: Hoyt, Scales, Parker, & Royal.
o Falling down building 18th street and Morris Ave. Power connection has fallen off the building.

3. Requests for Liquor License
Metro Bar – Andrew Collins – Transfer from previous owners (Mitchell Harrison and Kreg Newman). Restaurant retail license.
o Move to approve: Motion by Mike Perez; 2nd Chuck Strahan
o Aye 19; Nay 0; Abstention 1

4. Updates
Mayor’s Golf Classic at Highland Golf Park to benefit March of Dimes. April 10, 2013.
For reservations, contact James Bosarge: Ph: (205) 254-2752; James.Bosarge@birminghamal.gov

5. New Business

6. Announcements
 Loft Tour will be restarted this year by CAP & REV.
 Secret Stages has been postponed.
 Loft Tour & Secret Stages were being planned to occur the same weekend.
 Next Door: neighborhood social networking tool.
 Randall Woodfin: Candidate for Birmingham City School Board, District 5.
o http://www.RandallWoodfin.com
o Open seat election. Current school board member (E. Ford neighborhood was redistricted.

7. Adjourn: Motioned by Juannelle Ritchie; 2nd J Austin


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