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April 14, 2013 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association – Meeting Minutes
TuesdayApril 16, 20136:00 P.M.
Linn-HenleyLibrary- Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium 4th Floor

Minutes from April 14, 2013: CCNA Minutes 4-16-13

1. Callto Order
AdoptionofAgenda – Motionby LisaPerez; 2nd by Mike Perez
Approval of March 19, 2013 Minutes – tabled until next meeting

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department – Officer Henderson presented report and heard comments
from attendees re people living under bridges, skaters on the streets, sidewalks, and parking decks, and

Redmont Hotel Noise complaint. To reach BPD with concerns, call 205-254-2860.

BirmingbaroFire Department – No report

CAP Officers – No report

Public Works – Anthony Henry presented report and heard comments from meeting attendees re: issues withlights being out, cones left after work performed, and strobing lights. To reach public works with concerns, call 205-254-2061.

3. Presentation by Melissa fromSojourns re Street Fair
a. The Street Fair is scheduled fur September28 from 11:00a.m, to 5:00 p.m
b. TheFair will be locatedon 3rd Avenue North between 19thand 21st Streets and on
20th Streetbetween 2nd and 4th Avenue North.
c. Needs – funding ($5,000 to $7000) and vohmteers.
d. Mike Perez moved that the CCNA contribute $1000 to Street Fair. KevinRick
seconded motion, Motionpassed (13 – yes, 0 – no, 0 – abstain)

Presentation by Melissa from Sojourns re: International Market
a. 40-60 seats
b. Commmity Coop with domestic products
c. Cafe/Ieahouse to serve intemafunal cuisine – lunch and dinner
d. Membership – $25; Shareholder – $200
Presentationby Carl Hughes re Vulcan Park & MuseumExhibit
a. A Place of Our Own- Exhibit fucusing on 4th Avenue Black Business District
b. April18 – Crossing the Lines
c. 4th of July – Thunmder on the Mountain; Need: funding (will request $500 at next CCNA meeting)

4. Updates

5. New Business

6. Announcemmts
Heartones, JlIZl Fundraiser(benefitting the Arrercan Heart Association) at the WineLoft on Friday, April19th
• Contact Summer Davis, sdavis@babc.com, for tickets and information
49th AnnualMayors’ Prayer Breakfast- SheratonHotel Balhuom
Thursday, May 2nd, 7:00 to 8:15a.m
This year’s speaker is Dr. Fred Luter,Jr., I” African-American Presidentofthe Southern
BaptistConvention Tickets are $25.
Here is the link to register:
http ://events .I20.constantcontact.com’register/eventBeg?!!F2JJklgpjab&oeidk=a07e74diu62b8da46
Cool Spaces Loft Tour – May 11
BirminghamHistoryCenter – next2 Saturdays

7. Adjourn- Motionby Mike Perez; 2nd by Judge ClydeJones


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