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ALDOT’s 20/59 Plan Discussion


Join in on the conversation that affects 20/59 and our community. (Thanks to Mark Dillavou for the info!)

The “I Believe In Birmingham” group will be meeting tonight at 6.00pm at Oak Hill Cemetery to discuss ALDOT’s proposal for 20/59 through downtown. The proposal in the current form has the ability to negatively impact all of downtown including our neighborhood. If you are not familiar with their plan, I highly suggest you attend the meeting tonight to learn more about it. 

Here’s the meeting details: 

And ALDOT’s page on the 20/59 replacement (which has NO information!) 

And a presentation ALDOT gave earlier this year: 

I want to remind everyone that we do have the power to shape this proposal to fit the needs of our neighborhood and downtown, but only if we are active.


Snapshot of ALDOT’s proposal.

According to ALDOT, the next public hearing is:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
St. James Missionary Baptist Church
1300 24th Street North
Birmingham, AL 352342
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

“The meeting provided an “Open House” format, a “Formal Presentation” and a “Comment Period”. During the open house, participants were provided an opportunity to review and inspect the proposed project. The “Formal Presentation” began at 5:00 pm followed by the “Comment Period”.” – ALDOT


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