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June 18, 2013 Agenda


<<CCNA Agenda 6-18-13>>

Central City Neighborhood Association
Tuesday June 18, 2013 6:00 P.M.
Linn-Henley Library – Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium 4th Floor

1. Call to Order
Adoption of Agenda
Approval of May 21, 2013 Minutes
2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department
Birmingham Fire Department
CAP Officers
Public Works
3. Presentation by Valton Johnson of the RPC regarding air quality.
Lisa Nelson of Das Haus/FDSK, requesting sponsorship of OctoberFest, Sept. 12-14.
Liquor License Request for old Paramount location by Chris Cullen/Geoff Lockert.
Presentation by Caroline Bundy from the Downtown YMCA re 2-week promo offer.
Presentation by Cheryl Lewis and Tara Lee regarding Space One Eleven summer art programs
CPR Awards banquet. Question as to whether to purchase tickets/table.
4. Updates
5. New Business
6. Announcements
National design contest for foot soldiers memorial ($10,000 award for winning design); announcement of winner will occur on September 15 and drawing of design will be unveiled. If interested, visit:
Judge Traci Todd – Thanks to Neighborhood for support in campaign.
Kamau Afrika – announcing his candidacy for Mayor.
7. Adjourn


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