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June 18, 2013 Minutes


<<CCNA Minutes 6-18-13>>

Central City Neighborhood Association
Linn-Henley Library – Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium 4th Floor
Minutes  |  Tuesday June 18, 2013 6:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order: 6:04pm
Adoption of Agenda 1
st Juanelle; 2nd Mitch
Approval of May 21, 2013 Minutes 1
st Juanelle; 2nd Mitch

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department:
Officer Eastis—Speed limits for alleys. Behind Gallery Lofts there are reports of speeding through the alley. How to address Panhandling: call 911, sign a warrant.
Birmingham Fire Department:
CAP Officers:
Public Works:
Lucius Jones—[205.254.2061] Trash—Inspector Jones informed the polis that trash in
trash bags on the sidewalk should be fine, but he will investigate. Spilling trash out of a
dumpster is the responsibility of the property owner. No specific ordinance for dumpster
 23rd & 2nd Ave North the storm drain is clogged.
 4th Ave South & 14th street storm drain clogged.
 4th & 22nd there is a leaky water main.

3. Presentation by Valton Johnson of the RPC regarding air quality.
Jones Valley has increased lung affliction in the summer; tune cars; walk or car pool; regional planning carpooling available.

Lisa Nelson of Das Haus/FDSK, requesting sponsorship of OctoberFest, Sept. 12-14. OctoberFest; Nonprofit; free German lessons; request for funds to assist with advertising.
VOTE: $300 to Das Haus/FDSK
Patty 1st; Shelia 2nd
12 Yea
1 Nay
1 Abs

Liquor License Request for old Paramount location by Chris Cullen/Geoff Lockert.
Bar and Food; No live music; Hours 3-12am; Labor Day Opening
VOTE: to approve license
14 Yea
1 No
0 Abs

Presentation by Caroline Bundy from the Downtown YMCA re 2-week promo offer. Free week passes; wave sign-up fee; Race to the Court House.

Presentation by Cheryl Lewis and Tara Lee regarding Space One Eleven summer art programs: Visual arts organization; exhibit and teach art; Window program; 23rd and 24th Street North; Summer Art Camp; 2nd-8th Graders.

CPR Awards banquet. Question as to whether to purchase tickets/table. Formally Weed and Seed

4. Updates
5. New Business
“Next Door” web site

6. Announcements
National design contest for foot soldiers memorial ($10,000 award for winning design); announcement of winner will occur on September 15 and drawing of design will be unveiled. If interested, visit: http://www.revbirmingham.org/footsoldiers-monument-national-design-competition/
$100.00 application fee
Judge Traci Todd – Thanks to Neighborhood for support in campaign.
Judge has over 500 felony cases; Office Suite 605; The new Circuit Court Criminal Division Judge.
Robert Walker: [205.223.5683] Running for District 5 City Council Seat; Eastlake Community President; Issues: ordinances are obsolete; property blight.
Kamau Afrika – announcing his candidacy for Mayor. Pronounced Ka-Mao—its east African not Arabic.
Issues: Fire Dpt. is underfunded takes two trucks to put out one house fire; City is not fiscally responsible.

7. Adjourn: 7:04pm 1st Juanelle; 2nd Barbara
s/ Brandon R. Davis


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