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July 16, 2013 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association – Minutes
Tuesday July 16, 2013 6:00 PM
Birmingham Public Library – Second Floor, Story Castle

1. Call to Order – 6:00 p.m.
Adoption of Agenda – motion by Mike Perez; 2nd by Murray Hiam
Approval of June 18, 2013 Minutes – motion by Murray Hiam; 2nd by Sheila Montgomery
2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department – Officer Demarcus Brown on behalf of regular beat Officer Doss
 Question re: whether robber of Beta Pictoris Art Gallery (2415 2nd Avenue North) apprehended
CAP Officers – No report
Public Works – Anthony Henry received concerns, comments and questions from residents.
 report re: metal plate covering inlet on storm sewer moved out of place
 question re: whether Public Works responds to “See, Click, Fix” Website; Don Lupo’s group probably handles
 Call 205-254-2061 with additional concerns; Mr. Rice works Central City; 311 also option to call with questions or concerns
Planning, Engineering, and Permits – Barry Williams
 Will route concerns to appropriate person within department
 Call 254-2340 with any concerns
o Question re: status of conversion of 1-way streets to 2-way streets in Central City
 Greg Dawkins (Traffic and Engineering)
City Council – Councilor Johnathan Austin
o Requests support in upcoming election (August 27)
o Update on what’s going on at City Hall
 Budget – dealing with back and forth between council and mayor
 Question re: closed-door meeting with ALDOT – Councilor Austin did not attend and does not believe anything came from it. Councilor Austin does not support ALDOT plan.
 Question re: expansion of CAPS – Councilor Austin said it all boils down to funding; President Ballard advises that challenge is obtaining last 3% of signatures required for expansion.
o Encourages everyone to join Next Door website
o Bags and Signs will be posted to encourage people to clean up after their pets; Traffic and Engineering will refill/replace bags
3. Presentations/Requests for Sponsorship
Robert Walker – City Council District 5 candidate
 Provided flyer to attendees re: campaign
Robert Emerick from REV Birmingham made a presentation about REVIVE Birmingham – a new program that he describes as “sort of a pop-up on steroids.”
 October – All-day design conference at Regions Field
 May be opportunity for community involvement in future
 Loft survey – will be closed out at the end of the month; encourage neighbors to complete survey
 Reimagining Downtown Business Association
 Replacements for broken lights, etc. on the way
 Lights under viaduct/bridge – 14th Street is next; then 20th and 19th Street
 Working on installing bike racks downtown
 Second Saturday Sale
 5:05 Event
4. Updates
5. New Business
6. Announcements
A group of concerned citizens has been meeting regularly to develop a plan to challenge ALDOT’s current plan for replacing the I-20/59 bridges downtown. If you are interested, contact Joseph Baker at (205) 690-0277 or search for “Rethink 20/59” on Facebook. See also http://www.rethink2059.org. Beginning Bridge CDC, an agency that helps the homeless get off the street is holding their second bowling tournament fundraiser. It will be on Saturday, July 27, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m . at Vestavia Bowl, 1429 Montgomery Hwy in Vestavia Hills. Contact Vanessa Hunter-Beavers at (205) 966-2194 or email bbcdc2009@yahoo.com
7. Adjourn – 7:12
Motion by Mike Perez; 2nd by Lisa Perez
s/ Summer Austin Davis 7/16/2013


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