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September 17, 2013 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 17, 2013 6:00 PM
Birmingham Public Library – Second Floor, Story Castle

1. Call to Order @ 6:09
Adoption of Agenda – Motion by J. Austin; 2nd by M. Dunnavant
Approval of August 20, 2013 Minutes – Motion by J. Austin; 2nd by D. Gibson

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department – Officer Eastis had nothing new to report; P. Ballard asks about
guys camping under Red Mountain Expressway; Department has been trying for several months and
hitting dead end
CAP Officers – No representative/report
Public Works – Anthony Henry received questions from residents; D. Gibson asks about whether
anything keeps people from digging through garbage and leaving bags and trash behind. P. Ballard
reports that metal plate on sidewalk of 22nd street bridge has been moved and needs to be replaced; P.
Ballard reports neighbor seeing very large rats near garbage cans of Magic City Diner (alley between 2nd
and 3rd Avenue and at 22nd street); P. Ballard asks who is responsible for maintaining paving of 22nd
Street bridge sidewalk. To contact public works, call 254-2061 or 311.

3. Presentations

Robert Emerick from REV Birmingham made a presentation about REVIVE, part of the REVOLVE
program — “sort of a pop-up on steroids”– September 30 – October 4. Designs for trash cans, bike racks,
and benches approved. See REV Birmingham website, http://www.revbirmingham.org, for more details on
REVIVE pop-up shops, events, and activities.

Councilor Austin – Thanks residents for vote; requests that REV Birmingham assists with installing signs
regarding cleaning up after pets because one of biggest problems are people who don’t clean up after their
pets; reports that city still does not have a budget and the mayor and council have not been talking about
the budget, but vote on the budget could come as early as next week

School Board Representative Randall Woodfin – Introduces self and thanks residents for votes and
support; swearing-in is October 22 and all residents are invited; encourages residents to participate in
neighborhood PTAs, regardless of whether residents have children in system; to contact, email at
rlwoodfin@gmail.com or call 205-254-2369.

4. Updates

P. Ballard reports on benefits of supporting ArtWalk – passes to after party and $150 worth of donor
dollars. P.Ballard continued tradition to buy art and give it to Phillips Academy. P.Ballard showed art

5. New Business

6. Announcements

WHAT: 3rd Ave N clean up day!
WHEN: THIS Saturday, 9/21/ from 8am-noon
WHERE: Meet downtown, at 1919 3rd Avenue North
WHAT: clean up interiors of a couple buildings, peeling wallpaper off, painting, street beautification WHY: In support of REVIVE Birmingham’s Street Life Project! The Street Life Project is a month-long,
collaborative initiative to activate empty storefronts, generate foot traffic and organize street-level
improvements to restore interest in five target commercial districts in Birmingham. The campaign will
launch September 30th, and will demonstrate revitalization strategies like pop-up shops, streetscape
improvements and placemaking efforts that showcase what Birmingham’s urban commercial districts can
look like. REVIVE 2013 will focus on five urban villages: 3rd Ave. North from 19th to 20th Street, East
Lake, Ensley, Five Points South and Woodlawn.

Any questions – please email volunteer@revbirmingham.org or call James Kling at 205-296-3197

Urban Impact –Jazz and Gospel Event – October 4, noon, at Kelly Ingram Park

Next Thursday at 1:30 p.m., artist will be giving talk at Arrington Auditorium, Sky Shineman (art exhibit
located in library)

7. Adjourn @ 7:00 Motion by M. Dunnavant; 2nd by J. Austin

s/ Summer Austin Davis


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