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January 21, 2014 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association
Minutes for Tuesday January 21, 2014
Birmingham Public Library – Second Floor, Story Castle

1. Call to Order: 6:07pm
Adoption of Agenda: Mike Perez 1st, Richard 2nd approved
Approval of November 19, 2013 Minutes: Lisa Perez. 1st; Mitch 2nd approved

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department: Office Doss:
 Panhandler that is particularly nasty (Derrick Dotes). Aggressive panhandling, cornering females and harassing downtown patrons. Several complaints on his disruptive behavior. If he harasses a person, that person needs to go down to the police station to screen a warrant for his arrest. The best number to call is 911. 205-328-9311 is the non-emergency number.
 A bicycle was stolen from behind urban standard Saturday (1-18-14).
CAP Officers: N/A
Public Works: Mr. Anthony Henry
 Storm drain cover missing Morris & 23rd NE corner.
 Lights out at the 24th St. viaduct.
 Red lights 3rd and 23rd are slightly turned from high winds.
 Storm drain cover at the corner 3rd and 22nd street North. by Magic City Diner
 205-254-2061 is the number for service.

3. Presentations:
 Chatham Hellmers and Shannon Harris, update on branding efforts by 2nd AVE Group and request capital funds for more benches
o logical network of places.
o Butternut—color for 2nd avenue.
o logo treatments for 2nd avenue district.
 signage, benches, bike racks, planters, events, social media, website
o 2nd Saturday sidewalk sale (10am-4pm); restarting in April ($3,200 made).
o Holiday Panic Sale. Last Saturday before Christmas.
o Webpage; Facebook page; Instagram page; Press (Birmingham News; Weld).
o New butternut bike racks on 2nd avenue north (7 total).
o Butternut benches for 2nd avenue north. Planter and bench combo. Not large enough to sleep on.
 powder coated steel benches (10yr life span)
 asking for 4 benches at $850.00 a bench. Total of 3,400 dollars.
 engraved name of donors on bench
o Balance in capital fund account is $6,611.83.
 discussion on accuracy of balance in account
 the balance will be checked. Outlay of $6,500.
o Non-capital funds balance is $10,689.24.
o Piecemeal work in downtown is not consistent. CCNA has given $7,000 given this year for benches and garbage cans. Additional funding will be requested for other events.
o City is involved but not willing to fund.
o Materials are purchased at cost.
o The 2nd Ave North Group raised almost half the money for the 2nd avenue project.
o The project should be sustained by the sidewalk sales.
o Debate as to whether the money spent will be an effective use of CCNA resources {Is $3,400 best used in support of 2nd Avenue North through benches or the continued support of annual festivals and events?}.
o Locations for benches are from 25th Street North to 20th Street North.
Motion: Mitch–spend $3,400 for four (4) benches for 2nd Avenue North Group.
Amendment: to come back to CCNA on placement prior to finalizing the purchase.
VOTE: YEA 19 NO 2 Abstention 2
Motion: PASSES

4. New Business:
Regional Planning Committee: Lindsey West
o Bike share task force
o Feasibility study will be completed at the end of January
 wide streets, topography, no hills downtown
o 35 to 50 hubs; 300 to 400 bikes
o Footprint: BJCC/Druid Hills; Highland; Avondale; UAB Campus: Civil Rights Institute; Social Security Building (new).
o Federal CMAQ funding (80:20).
o Only user fees to public ($75.00 a year). Also weekly, monthly and daily user fees.
o Stealing bikes: GPS system on bikes, shaped different; mechanics are internal
 GPS tracks biking patterns and is used to establish bike lanes
o Bike hubs increase business
o Advertising on one side of bike hub
o Local company will handle rebalancing and maintenance
o Question to the ADA accessibility of bike hubs
o Long term regional system with one card access.
o Total budget $2 million capital investment.
 300-500 thousand a year (with 80:20 CMAQ funding)
Two-Way Streets Downtown
o City is working changing the streets downtown to all two way traffic.
o Cost 1 million a city block.
o Place 2-way streets on next month agenda: to complete a resolution supporting 2-way traffic downtown.
o Invite traffic and planning officials to the next CCNA meeting.

5. Announcements:
o Pat Ballard is running for Circuit Court Judge Place 10
 Election is November 4th
o Patty requested that agenda and minutes be sent out the Friday prior to the meeting.
o ALDOT will be having a planning meeting at St. James Church in Druid Hills on 1.28.14 from 4-7pm to discuss construction on 20/59.

6. Adjourn:7:39pm Mitch 1st; Mike Perez 2nd
s/ Brandon R. Davis


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