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February 18, 2014 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association – Meeting Minutes
Tuesday February 18, 2014 6:00 PM
Linn-Henley Library – Fourth Floor, Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium

1. Call to Order @ 6:09 p.m.
Adoption of Agenda – motion by M.Perez/2nd by M.George/Motion carries
Approval of January 21, 2014 Minutes – R.Burton moves to amend minutes; D.Higginbotham moves to approve minutes as written/2nd by M.Windsor/Motion carries

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department – No report
CAP Officers – No report
Public Works – Anthony Henry took concern from residents; office # – 254.2061
 24th Street Viaduct lights out (specific lights in email to P.Ballard)
 22nd Street/17th Ave N (next to Randolph Apartments) hole still contains orange cone and has not been repaired
 3rd Ave N/22nd Street/SE corner – Iron plate/storm guard bumped out of way in precarious manner

3. Presentations: Michael Shine, COB CRR, discussed new appropriations process for neighborhoods.
 All 99 neighborhoods receive $2,000/year in October ($1,000 capital/$1,000 non-capital)
 Money can be spent on either capital or non-capital projects regardless of whether the money comes from capital or non-capital account
 Phase 1 of Benches/Trash Cans project is complete
 Encourages residents to attend comprehensive plan meetings hosted by Mayor and to ask questions regarding our concerns and to alert city officials to our wants and needs.
 Contact information: 297.8244(office)/533.1707 (cell)
Christian Rieseberg from the YMCA discussed ongoing planning by the YMCA and provided survey to residents regarding visioning project
Pat Ballard presentation regarding his campaign for Jefferson County Circuit Judge Place 10 (seat will be vacated by Tom King); primary election in June 2014

4. New Business:
 Richard Burton requests that balance of CCNA accounts be included on each agenda. Discussion regarding language of motion; D.Kassuf moves for unencumbered balance of CCNA’s accounts to be included on each agenda; M.Windsor 2nd; Motion carries

5. Announcements:
 Welcome to new neighbors and others attending meeting for first time
 Miranda McPhearson has set up website and Facebook page for CCNA; P.Ballard will circulate email regarding sites; P.Ballard suggests the formation of a small committee to maintain sites.
 Robert Emerick from Rev Birmingham announces 5/10/14 Cool Spaces event
 Tara and Sheryl from Space OneEleven announce summer/art camps

6. Adjourn @ 6:53
s/ Summer Austin Davis


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