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Tuesday March 18, 2014 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association
Tuesday March 18, 2014 6:00 PM
Linn-Henley Library – Fouth Floor, Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium

1. Call to Order: 6:07pm
Adoption of Agenda: Richard Burton 1st; Mike Windsor 2nd
Approval of February 18, 2014 Minutes: Mike Windsor 2nd

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department: Officer Doss
 No comments for the officer.
CAP Officers:
Public Works: N/A
 Lights out on viaduct at 24th Street North
Tara and Sheryl from Space OneEleven: N/A

3. CCNA balance: Capital fund is at $157.40 as of payment of $6,454.43 for benches and garbage cans on 3rd Avenue.
Non-cap fund is at $10,689.24. After payment of the $3,400 approved by CCNA in January for benches on 2nd Avenue, the Capital fund will be $0 and the Non-cap fund will be at $7,289.24.
At this time, we still only get $2,000 per year from the City.
 Capital fund: 157.40
 Non-capital fund: 7,289.24
 Resolution passed by CAB to request city to restart the $10,000 allotment.

4. Old Business: Discussion re placement of benches on 2nd Avenue that were approved for purchase at the January meeting.
 Robert: Paperwork turned in and is being processed. Benches for sale at a cost of $800.00 each. Placement of benches will be decided at a CCNA meeting after the number of benches is finalized and city approves the placements they will be installed. Roughly 60 to 90 days.
 Rev-Birmingham—Cool Spaces Tour, May 10, 2014. Lighting 19th street viaduct.
o Willing to meet with community about future events.
Discussion re I-20/59 Rebuild. Opportunity to voice opinion to ALDOT in writing but deadline is March 27th.
 Pat: Disappointing meeting. ALDOT appears to not have community support. Several of the plans for new ramps do not meet federal highway regulation. No workable plan for big trucks to get to 31st street business district.
 Alternate plan to move the 20/59/65 junction to Finley Boulevard area in stages.
 ALDOT meeting was business community, elected officials, and grassroots organizations.
 ALDOT has not provided all the impact studies required to do the rebuild project.
 March 27, 2014 is the deadline for sending ALDOT your opinion of the rebuild project.
 ALDOT plan has lots of exit closures planned for the rebuild.

5. New Business: Melissa from Sojourns will request appropriation from the neighborhood for this year’s international street fair.
 Melissa: Birmingham Multicultural Association. Located at the 3rd avenue north area. partnered with the city to celebrate diversity. Ukrainian dancers, Fraternity step show, flamingo dancers, and several food venders.
 Free event.
 Long term goal: start at Caver Theater, move to McWain, down 3rd and end at Das House.
 Lynn park: tentative dates are September 13th and 14th.
 Requesting funds. Last year CCNA gave $1,000.
o motion: approve $1,000
o second:
Vote: Yea: 11
Nay: 0
Abstentions: 0
 Rape Response Fund Raiser and clothing sell. $50.00 tickets. April 3rd Intercontinental Bakery
The annual NUSA (Neighborhoods USA) conference is May 21 – 24. If we want to send a delegate, the cost will
be $2,000 per person, which includes everything except food. The official flier, with more information, is
motion to not fund: Mike Windsor
second: Richard Burton
Yea: 10
Nay: 0
Abstention: 0
6. Announcements:
Great American Cleanup kickoff event is March 27th at Linn Park at 10:00 A.M.
Litter cleanup supplies will be available for pickup by the neighborhoods
Jenni Butler from Rebellious XO will inform us about her new boutique next door to the Magic City Grill on 22nd
 No show
Sandra Little Brown – candidate for County Commission, District 2
 Incumbent (205) 325-5074
 Transparency
 Cooper Green open
 Contracted out inpatient care
 Service cuts in outer areas of county
Steve Small – candidate for County Commission, District 2.
 No show
Jeanetta Bickersaff-Miller – candidate for Jefferson County Tax Collector
 Democrat
 More transparent
 More innovation
 Better customer service
 Better return on tax investment.
 21 years of military service; tax collector’s office
Shelia Tyson – candidate for County Commission, District 2 (possible).
 No show
Evert Wes – candidate for Judge
 Democrat
 Place 3 Circuit Court judge
 10 years of criminal court experience
 5 years Midfield City Prosecutor
 Sat as special judicial master for two circuit court judges

7. Adjourn
Motion: Mike Higginbotham 2nd Mike Windsor 2
s/ Brandon R. Davis


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