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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 Minutes


Minutes of the Central City Neighborhood Association [Minutes]
Tuesday July 22, 2014 6:00 PM
Linn-Henly Library, Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium

1. Call to Order
Adoption of Agenda; mtn to approve by Mike Perez; 2nd by Lisa Perez; approved w/o opposition
Approval of May 20, 2014 Minutes and June 17 Minutes; mtn to approve by Tom; 2nd by Murray Hium; approved w/o opposition.

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department
Birmingham Fire Department
CAP Officers
Public Works
Space OneEleven

3. CCNA Funds balance: Capital fund is at $157.40 as of payment of $6,454.43 for benches and garbage cans on 3rd Avenue.
Non-cap fund is at $10,689.24.
After payment of the $3,400 approved by CCNA in January for benches on 2nd Avenue, the Capital fund will be $0 and the Non-cap fund will be at $7,289.24.
After payment of $1,000 to Sojourns for the Street Fair, as approved at the March meeting, and payment of $1,000 for the CCNA/Park Place Apartments Fun Day, approved at the June meeting, the Non-cap fund will be $5,289.24.
At this time, we still only get $2,000 per year from the City.

3. Old Business: None

4. New Business: Request by Joy Meyers for funding for Artwalk. Artwalk will be Sept 5th and 6th. Mrs. Meyers gave a brief history of Artwak. She feels that Artwalk has been a good neighbor, leaving the neighborhood cleaner that it starts on Friday. Questions about whether $2k is needed. She stated that $2k is needed but understands the current limits on our available funds. Annual budget is approximately $50k. Richard Burton pointed out that we’re about to run out of funds and suggested that we give $1k. Mike Perez stated that Artwalk is such a major contributor to our lifestyle in the loft district that he thinks we should give $2k. Mtn by Mike Perez to give $2k to Artwalk; 2nd by Wade Smith. 11 yeas; 1 nay; 1 abstention.

5. Announcements: Announcement by Robin Hixson of cleaning services offered by Champion Cleaner’s Bizzie Box valet dry cleaning lockers. Champion has developed a patented locker that runs on smartphone technology. They offer wash and fold as well as dry-clean service. Orders are placed via smart phone and notice is sent by phone when the clothes are ready for pickup. She provided brochures w/ further details and pricing. They can also do suede jackets and rugs.
Paul Godby informed us that comment period was still open for I-20/59 rebuild project.
Manager of Park Place introduced herself and indicated an interest in reaching out to facilitate more interaction between Park Place and the rest of Central City.

6. Adjourn; mtn by Murray Hium; 2nd by Lisa Perez; adjourned at 7: 12 PM
/s/ Patrick J. Ballard, President of CCNA


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