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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association – Minutes
Tuesday September 16, 2014 6:00 PM
Linn-Henly Library, Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium

1. Call to Order @ 6:00
Adoption of Agenda – Motion by O.Lee/2nd by P.Godfrey
Approval of August 19, 2014 Minutes – Motion by O.Lee/2nd by P.Godfrey

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department – Officer Doss heard comments from meeting attendees re:
problems with children crossing street from Phillips Academy to library; car break in at 2200 Park Place;
and homeless woman who uses restroom on street
Birmingham Fire Department – n/a
CAP Officers – n/a
Public Works – n/a
Space OneEleven – n/a

3. CCNA Funds balance: After payment of the $3,400 approved by CCNA in January for benches
on 2nd Avenue, the Capital fund will be $0.
After payment of $1,000 to Sojourns for the Street Fair, as approved at the March
meeting, payment of $1,000 for the CCNA/Park Place Apartments Fun
Day, approved at the May meeting, and payment of $2,000 for Art Walk
as approved at the July meeting, the Non-cap fund will be $3,289.24.
At this time, we still only get $2,000 per year from the City.

3. Old Business: None

4. New Business: S.Davis reminded neighbors to sign up for officer positions. Time for submitting
declaration of intent to run has passed, but candidates may be elected by write-in
vote. Attendees suggested that neighbors write-in Summer Davis. No specific
position mentioned. Polling site/locations: Central Library – Downtown.
Election: 10/28/14
Artwalk – D. Higgenbotham will not entertain giving another penny to Artwalk
because festival not accessible to disabled attendees.
P.Godfrey helped out with rethink 20/59 project and advises that there is still
time to voice opposition to plan. City might be able to revisit plan of changing 1
way to 2 way streets because federal money is available

5. Adjourn @ 6:30
s/ Summer Austin Davis


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