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Tuesday, September 15, 2015 Minutes


Central City Neighborhood Association
Tuesday, September 15, 2015 6:00 PM
Main Downtown Library, Story Castle Room

Meeting Minutes

1. Call to Order at 6:04 p.m.

Adoption of Agenda – D.Kassouf moved to accept agenda as printed
Approval of August 18, 2015 Minutes – D.Kassouf motion to approve/W.Upshaw 2nd

2. Open Reports
Birmingham Police Department – No report
Birmingham Fire Department – No report
CAP Officers – Courtney D. Pullum had no update, but informed CCNA that CAP provides roadside assistance to stranded motorists, some security, and help with homeless. Mr. Pullum also provided CAP swag and written materials. Mr. Pullum could not comment on status of CAP expansion; that information must come from a CAP board member.
Public Works – Inspector Wilder received complaints/concerns from residents. Public Works’s main concerns include inoperable vehicles (not many issues in CCN), and vacant/abandoned/overgrown lots). Public Works does not handle street lighting, but Inspector Wilder agreed to inform appropriate person of the following complaints
• Lights on 20th Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenues (by sandwich shops, Jimmy Johns and Brava), have been out for years.
• A red light is out at 1st Ave N and 20th S (headed west).
• Lights are out at Park Place on 6th Ave N between 23rd and 24th Streets.
Additionally, resident inquired regarding rule about dumpsters in alley. Inspector Wilder stated there is no prohibition of dumpsters in alleys, but the dumpsters cannot be overflowing. Resident inquired about the frequency of street crew sweeping trash off sidewalks and curbs, and Inspector Wilder said the crews sweep daily or every other day. R.Burton said the crews focus on certain sectors at different times because of the size of the city (99 neighborhoods). R.Burton will put street sweeper schedule on CCNA website. Public works has hired an additional 80 people for grass cutting. Inspector Wilder will check to see if seasonal workers can help with trash pickup on the street.
Space OneEleven – No report
REV Birmingham – No report

Election/Candidate Presentations – Everett Wess (Candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Place 26)

3. CCNA Funds: Current Funds Balance: $7,901.07 (as of 7-16-2015 Gregory Jones, CCNA CRO.)
At this time, we still only get $2,000 per year from the City. This $2,000.00 is still pending for this year’s current budget.

4. Old Business: None

5. New Business: Resident asked how the actions of the CCNA tie into city governance, and D.O’Quinn provided response: bring concern to CCNA meeting (suggest ordinance, pass resolution, etc.), information is funneled to CAB, information is funneled to city council. D.O’Quinn explained Citizens Participation Plan, which sets context for discussions and getting things done, and framework, including city composition (99 neighborhoods and 23 communities), and Citizens Advisory Board. The CAB meets every 3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. Fountain Heights resident encouraged CCNA residents to go to surrounding neighborhood meetings. R.Burton will post neighborhood meeting schedule on CCNA website.

6. Announcements: 2015 CCNA meeting dates and locations:
September 15th – Main Downtown Library, Story Castle Room
October 20th – Linn-Henley Library, Richard Arrington, Jr. Auditorium
November 17th – Main Downtown Library, Story Castle Room

See: http://www.birminghamccna.com for more info

S.Purifoy provided update regarding attempts to address travel issues around Park Place during the Magic City Classic. S.Purifoy contacted Greg Dawkins on 8/24 and confirmed that Park Place residents will receive passes to allow egress and ingress during the Classic.

D.Higginbotham informed residents that Bankhead Towers has been sold, and the purchaser is planning on upgrading the property.

Car behind Bankhead Towers is scheduled to be picked up by 9/29, per Newton bill. Cars are picked up on Mondays and Tuesdays. After 5 years, if taxes are not paid on property, the city can take it.

Residents continued to complain about trash on street. D.Higginbotham said the street sweeper vacuum does not pick up trash because they run at 25 mph. R.Burton suggests we all pitch in to pick up and throw away trash, which is part of being a good neighbor.

An individual dropped off written materials regarding Committee to Save Jefferson County.

Darrell O’Quinn provided update on Move I20/59 status.
• Thanks residents for passing resolution in favor of looking for alternatives to ALDOT plan.
• In process of gathering plaintiffs for case against ALDOT
• ALDOT, by admission, has not done enough to study environmental impact as required by National Environmental Protection Act (requires consideration/study of all factors, including impact on economic development/livability/etc.) before moving forward with project)
• 4 plaintiffs, including Councilor Austin; interested in additional people (6-10 desired). Need people who own property and use email and can be contacted via email. Let Darrell know (telephone number – 205.478.2178/email – Darrell@Move2059.org) if you know of anyone interested in being a plaintiff.
• Move I20/59 is paying for lawsuit. Plaintiffs will not have to pay to participate in and will not receive any money from lawsuit.
• Lawsuit seeks order from court stopping ALDOT’s actions on 20/59 bridge project.
• Lawsuit will be filed in Montgomery federal court.
• Majority of work scheduled to begin in 2018; current work was already planned to improve entrance/exit ramps.
• It’s not too late to do something about the project.
• ALDOT is the only defendant.
R.Burton suggests suing federal agency that rubber-stamped/approved project.

7. Adjourn at 6:57 p.m.

s/ Summer Austin Davis
Summer Austin Davis


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