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2016 State of the City Address

Mayor William Bell will be holding a State of the City Address at the Kiwanis Club Tues, Jan 12 at 11:30am (members only). He will also hold a special State of the City Address for the neighborhoods at Willow Wood on Tues, Jan 12, 2016 at 5:30pm.

Willow Wood Recreation Center
5312 Georgia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35212
Phone:(205) 591-1798

// The Mayor’s message will focus on the importance of leveraging partnerships throughout the city of Birmingham. It will also include a preview of the Starbucks Youth Development Program. The following details have been released:

“Starbucks has agreed to work with Mayor Bell to bring their Youth Development Program to the Crossplex Development (Crossplex Village). This involves a Starbucks store that will also house a training facility for youth ranging in age from 16 to 24. This program is designed to employ and train underserved young men and women in operations and customer service and will also serve as a prospective talent pool for Starbucks Corporation,” said Bob Nesbitt, Developer, Urban Community Development Consortium, LLC.

“We are excited for our young people to not only have access to training but also have exposure to one of the most successful corporate brands of all time. Exposure to new economic opportunities and new ways of thinking can lead to new career choices and ideas for our students and in turn impacting their future,” said Mayor Bell. //


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